Director of Purchasing, Inland Empire CA

Develop, Implement and Administrate the acquisition of labor, material & supplies that has cost advantages in a competitive bidding process. Focus on budget parameters, contract specs, fair & open subcontractor selection process, updated material/product selection, product cost control & detailed onsite & offsite plan review.

Supervises Contract Administrator & Option Coordinator. Job Description:

Develops & manages protocols/processes including the competitive bidding process, & policy compliance.

Conducts review of onsite/offsite plans prior to bidding: Consider the adequacy of specifications, areas of potential savings by construction changes, or material substitution. Seek new subs to keep cost advantage.

Prepares weekly target variance projects. Reviews & prepares contract specs & scope for each trade.

Monitors corporate supplies & field inventory. Monitors & approves purchase orders, change orders & back charges.

Keeps current/innovative production methods/amenity packages.

Analyzes the economic cycle for periods in which subcontractor price reductions might be available. Attempts to secure rebates or free model/sales office upgrades when further discounts are not offered.

Monitors updates to building codes & effects on plans/costs. Monitors updates to legal contracting requirements. Implements computer system & historical cost database.

Bids options/model upgrades concurrent with trade contracts.

Oversees timely completion of option book for the sales kickoff meeting.

Assures subcontractor compliance with quality, contract, & insurance requirements.

Qualifications –

BS/BA required. 5+ yrs of exp. working in a purchasing & 5

7 yrs in a supervisory role.

Asking for advice – There is an art in asking for advice and maybe these tips will help.

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Once you’ve got my attention – LISTEN. Stop talking and start listening and write down the advice I’m giving. I can’t tell you how many people don’t take notes and then expect me to repeat myself again when they call back days later. There is nothing wrong with taking notes – take them!

Be humble, gracious, and polite.

If you don’t like the advice, don’t argue with me about it. You asked – I gave you my opinion. Take it and use it or don’t use it. Or just use what works for you – it’s your job search.

Don’t assume I’m a miracle worker – it’s you who must do the hard work finding a job. Most people don’t get placed by a recruiter -they have to find their own job.

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