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Tagbits Newsletter - The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach (949) 955-1455How to work with a recruiter:

From the Bullpen

When you call in the office please identify yourself. For example, “Joe Smith for Dave Ankenbrandt.” We get so many calls a day we need you to give us your first and last name. Dave knows a lot of Joe’s!

Bring your resume when you meet us. Turn off your phone or silence it.

Be prepared!

  1. Get your work history story together
  2. Rehearse your story make sure it flows.
  3. No negatives. Keep your story positive.
  4. Bring your portfolio – samples of your work.
  5. Dress to impress – we want to make sure you look the part before we send you out.

Call us Today 949-955-1455

The Ankenbrandt Group – 20281 SW Birch Street, Suite 200., Newport Beach,  CA  92660