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Our executive recruiters will assist you in recruiting, screening and hiring highly qualified people including C-level executives, directors and managers. The advantage is we offer over 30 years of professional networking experience. Our tremendous work ethic and ability to network well has given us exceptional contacts within the business community. We also have Headhunter candidate database, which includes over 200,000 real estate, technical and professional candidates. Our years of experience have earned our firm a reputation for quality and professionalism that has grown a solid referral network.

Specialties: We are known for finding new talent for fast growing companies who are building their teams. We also excel at finding those “needle in the haystack” candidates. We have Real Estate Team that focuses on home building, general contractors and multifamily.

Finding management and executive jobs is our specialty.

Our executive recruiters have outstanding contacts in a wide variety of industries. The Ankenbrand Group provides personalized consultative services to upper level management professionals seeking career employment opportunities in California and beyond.

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 Our executive recruiters recruit, screen and place highly qualified people including C-level executives, managers and assistant managers. See all Jobs

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