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Our Accounting recruiters deliver knowledge, speed, and discretion. As full-service executive recruiters, we provide game-changing professional talent that drives businesses forward. Our executive accounting recruiters deliver the business-savvy talent needed in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment. View our Accounting and Finance Jobs Below.

Accounting and Finance Jobs

Updated on August 16, 2022

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6359 Assistant Controller
Job Description:

Responsible for assisting with financial operations and the accounting team. Experience in the restaurant/hospitality industry is a plus, but not required.

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6365 Accounting Manager, Orange County CA – Remote work!!!
Job Description:

Responsible for financial accuracy/overseeing the preparation of periodic financial reports; ensures that the reported results comply with GAAP.

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6366 Land Acquisition Analyst, Inland Empire, CA
Job Description:

Conduct comprehensive underwriting and due diligence procedures on prospective real estate acquisition opportunities. Prepare accurate financial models, projections, and analyses on prospective property acquisitions, including property operational underwriting and return on investment modeling.

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Across industries and in every market, growth begins with a top-quality candidate. We strive for achievement by finding and placing the right talent to propel your company or firm’s value.

Unbridgeable Gaps?

Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CAThe same conversation keeps on repeatedly happening with my clients – lack of talent to hire. They can’t find good, young, talented people who want to work hard and have the communication skills to work.  There is a gap in the market. It might be the entitlement that kids felt growing up wealthier before the recession/depression hit? Maybe they’re thinking they don’t need to work hard, or maybe these workers have a different spin on what work looks like?  They also have huge.

My advice to anyone young and looking for a job:

  1. You will work hard with long days and late nights before you earn those six-figure salaries.
  2. Probably start working in a job that is lower than you originally expected. Learn from it.
  3. Try to use complete sentences when communicating – the texting should stop when you put your cell phone down.
  4. Find a mentor at work to help you understand the corporate culture and how to succeed.

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