About TAG: The Ankenbrandt Group is an organization of professionals who recruit the people you want.

Our firm is based in Orange County CA and placed highly qualified personnel in manufacturing, distribution, high-tech, medical, service, public accounting, finance, real estate sales, and marketing.  We take pride in referring only the most highly qualified people to you.

The Ankenbrandt Group can also work on a project basis. If you need people for short or long term projects, you can call us for more information.

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About TAG: The Ankenbrandt Group

The Ankenbrandt Group is the national leader in professional executive recruiting and for finding candidates or jobs in Newport Beach, CA and throughout California and surrounding states. With over forty years of experience, we are certain we will find the ideal candidate or job.

Our Mission:

Our primary goal is to be the premier professional recruiting services and assisting mid-tier to Fortune 500 Companies to find their ideal client. We would also like to help candidates in seeking a new career and finding financial success.

The unique advantage we offer is access to contacts within the business community and a Headhunter candidate database, which has over 200,000 technical, real estate and professional candidates.

Our History:

With more than 40 years in the executive job search industry, The Ankenbrandt Group recruiters bring expertise to the Southern California job market, helping to identify prime candidates for companies throughout California. The associates maintain and continually update an excellent network of professionals in many industries and functional specialties throughout California.

Our Approach:

We take pride to be a trusted consultant for all of your professional recruiting and placement needs. Our tremendous work ethic and ability to network well has given us excellent contacts within the business community. We strive to be a sophisticated, reliable and trusted recruitment consultant.

We help clients recruit the people you want by:

Learning: With your help and additional research we learn the characteristics of the organization, the position’s responsibilities, background requirements corporate culture and other specifics necessary to identify great people.  Over forty years of experience has given our firm a reputation for quality and professionalism that has cultivated a robust referral network. In fact, most of our referred candidates are direct to us through our network.

Search and research: We often direct recruit within organizations that have candidates who would fill the position. It has been our experience that the ideal candidates are not actively seeking employment and must be contacted directly.

Screening: We thoroughly interview candidates to match them to your specific requirements. We also do full background checks including credit, criminal and DMV on candidates receiving an offer of employment.

Presenting: We offer the top three to five candidates for you to interview.

Negotiation: After completion of subsequent interviews, we help with making the offer to your potential new employee. We can assist in the structuring of compensation, start dates and other job perks like vacation, bonuses, expenses, etc.

Time and Cost:

Our fees are industry competitive. We prefer to discuss each project separately and come to terms based on the nature of the assignment. After verbally committing to a price, we put it in writing, along with our guarantee. We do put a contract together to confirm the verbal agreement.

Our Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy explains how The Ankenbrandt Group treats any personal information which it collects and receives from you. Personal information is information which is personally identifiable like your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number or any other information which allows The Ankenbrandt Group to contact you either by e-mail or other means.

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