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Recipe For A New Job: This Recipe works for getting a new job. It’s worked over and over again for candidates I’ve worked with over the years. If they worked The Recipe, they all got new jobs. One of them, DJ,  got a job for 100K more than he was making at his previous job. The Recipe works.  In fact, it works so well that I repeat The Recipe so often I decided it needs to go up on my blog. Now I can just say, “Go to my blog.”

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TAGbits - The Ankenbrandt Group Executive Recruiters, Newport Beach

Quotable Quotes

Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.

Tom Peters.

TAGbits - The Ankenbrandt Group Executive Recruiters, Newport Beach

From The Bullpen

When you call the office, please identify yourself. We get so many calls a day we need you to give us your first and last name. Dave knows a lot of Joe’s!

TAGbits - The Ankenbrandt Group Executive Recruiters, Newport Beach
Ank’s Angle

That’s what our clients are looking for.  Someone who takes on the job does it well and takes pride in it.

Our Mission:

Our main goal is to be the premier professional recruiting services and assisting mid-tier to Fortune 500 Companies to find their ideal client. We would also like to assist candidates in seeking a new career and finding financial success.

The unique advantage we offer is access to contacts within the business community and a Headhunter candidate database, which has over 200,000 technical, real estate, and professional candidates.

TAGbits Simple Advice:

 I was recently asked to speak in my son’s classroom about what colleges want to see in students and what employers want when hiring. I did a bit of research on what colleges want and presented that. My main focus was what employers want for their employees because I hear daily what they do not want. Many of my clients are frustrated with their young hires. Oddly, I wrote about this last March. But I think I need to go over it again. So, young people heed this simple advice because it will help you get and hold on to a job.
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