Our executive recruiters will assist you in recruiting, screening and hiring highly qualified people including C-level executives, directors, and managers. Our tremendous work ethic and ability to network well has given us exceptional contacts within the business community.

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The Ankenbrandt Group’s main advantage is that we offer over forty years of professional networking experience. We also have a headhunter candidate database, which includes over 200,000 candidates in real estate, technical and professional fields. Our years of experience have earned our firm a reputation for quality and professionalism that has grown a solid referral network.

We are known for finding new talent for fast-growing companies who are building their teams. Also, we excel at finding those “needle in the haystack” candidates. Our solid Real Estate Team focuses on general contractors, superintendent and project engineer and managers – We Recruit Professional People for Exceptional Companies.

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Professional Executive Recruiters

Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CA


Our executive recruiters recruit, screen and place highly qualified people including C-level executives, managers and assistant managers.

Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CA

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Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CA

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Our executive recruiters have outstanding contacts in a wide variety of industries. The Ankenbrandt Group provides personalized consultative services to upper-level management professionals seeking career employment opportunities in California and beyond.

While striving to deliver excellent consulting services, and to be at the cutting edge of recruitment and hiring practices; Ankenbrandt Group operates with the utmost reputation of integrity, mutual accountability, and respect.

Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CA

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Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CADinner out with business associates, potential clients, and co-workers is quite common in the corporate world. In fact, extending an invite to the person’s spouse is also normal. I was shocked when a candidate who was going to become a potential manager/partner, in the interview process and close to an offer, got offended by our client asking if he and his spouse would like to, “Go to dinner?”

He acted indignant and shocked. I was told it was inappropriate and asked, “Is my spouse interviewing for the job?” No, it was just dinner and then it got WEIRD. Really WEIRD.

My client was just extending a friendly offer for them to all get to know each other better. As it was a small firm and they get together often. It had nothing to do with the spouse’s race, sex, education, looks, gender, interviewing the spouse, etc. It was just dinner. A basic civil small talk dinner to meet and see if a future partnership could be made. Dinner.

The offer was pulled, the hope of a new employee was smashed and I was relieved. Can you imagine the dinner conversation had they met?

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