6391 HR Manager, Orange County, CA

Must be bilingual – Spanish/English with outstanding people skills supervising HR personnel, supporting employee development, enhancing job satisfaction, designing recruiting/hiring procedures, implementing HR strategies that support business objectives, mitigating risk, maintaining employee records, designing accountability mechanisms, and overseeing overall employment needs.


Strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, and must be fluent in English and Spanish, knowledge of Federal, California, and Nevada labor regulations and HR practices, and strategic thinking abilities.

Review of existing as well as implementing new human resources policies and handbooks.

Supporting strategic objectives. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.

Managing employee wellness and performance reviews. Motivating and supporting current employees, facilitating communication between employees and Human Resources.

Maintaining employee records and handling employee benefits. Interfacing with the company legal counsel on a needed basis.

Identifying employee needs and creating job descriptions. Designing and implementing training programs.

Human Resources Senior Manager Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in human resources management or equivalent work experience.

Knowledge of Federal and State labor laws and regulations. Computer literacy.

Must be bilingual in Spanish/English.

Salary and benefits.

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Asking for advice – There is an art in asking for advice, and maybe these tips will help.

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Once you’ve got my attention – LISTEN. Stop talking and start listening and write down the advice I’m giving. I can’t tell you how many people don’t take notes and then expect me to repeat myself when they call back days later. There is nothing wrong with taking notes – take them!

Be humble, gracious, and polite.

If you don’t like the advice, don’t argue with me about it. You asked – I gave you my opinion. Take it and use it or don’t use it. Or just use what works for you – it’s your job search.

Don’t assume I’m a miracle worker – it’s you who must do the hard work finding a job. Most people don’t get placed by a recruiter -they have to find their job.

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