Business Development Manager – VA

Partner with multiple departments to drive measurable results that benefit our business. Implement an effective sales approach that expands our reach, strengthens client relationships, and trains our sales professionals.

Develop/execute/oversee a business strategy that prioritizes growth and positive customer ratings.

Maintain positive professional relationships with current clients and identify areas for potential clients.

Use financial techniques to improve sales revenue.

Tracking/analyzing specific metrics and KPIS to measure company’s growth, revenue generation, and client acquisition.

Partner with the Director of Advisory to help train personnel and develop skills.

Oversee the Business Development Department and Staff.

Conduct high-level industry research to develop effective sales solutions.

Planning and overseeing new business development initiatives. Participate in collaborative business meetings to update leadership.

Provide continuous, constructive feedback to advisors.

Interact with prospective clients and respond to important inquiries about the company’s services.

Conduct market research to identify new business development opportunities.

Creating/implementing sales strategies and identifying new markets to enter.

Must Haves –


5-10 years of sales experience.

Proven record of sales growth and closing skills.

Exceptional strategic planning and project management skills.

Clear verbal and written communication skills.

Enthusiasm for the company and its growth potential. Data analysis skills.

Ability to interact with media and PR.

Experience in managing sales or marketing teams.

Sharp negotiation and networking skills. Organizational skills. Self-driven.

Problem-solving skills

Pay and Perks –

Competitive compensation.

Health benefits are fully covered for employees.

A 401(k)-retirement plan with match.

A fun and friendly team of colleagues.

Who do you know?

Executive Recruiters, The Ankenbrandt GroupSo, you’ve been using the power of YES to reach out to people. That’s positive networking and it is key to finding a new job. It’s all about who you know. How many applications have you sent into companies with no response? Some people have sent 100’s. You must get in front of the hiring managers and LinkedIn is a great place to do that. How to find more people to connect to?

1. Research companies within a commutable radius of your home.

2. Find the hiring managers at those companies and send them a connect. Most people are nice and will accept a connection.

3. Follow up with a quick elevator pitch about you.

This may not always work, but it’s a quicker way to get in front of the Manager/Director/VP than going through their application process.

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