March 2013

A Note from Dave –
Ank’s Angle
What a great market!  2013 has really started off like a rocket to the moon in spite of the “sequester BS”.  Remember that there will be a tomorrow. Live today like there will be no tomorrow and learn from yesterday. How many folks have you run into that keep making the same mistakes over and over? They need to learn from their mistakes – let’s learn.
Now I’m off my soapbox!
Gear up and let’s get going –

Dave Ankenbrandt


May 2012

We started with a new gardener the first week in April – holding our breath.  The last one had come on strong only to add more staff and more to the bill each month.  Mr. Z was at our house on time and set to work – by himself.  No staff of any kind.  He worked hard for more than an hour and cheerfully said good-by – see you next week.  Each week has been like that and we wondered what our bill would reflect.  Turns out – nothing extra.  Seems he considered the entire trimming, weeding and picking up after the last guy as part of his job along with random sprinkler repair and fertilizing.  Wow.  How refreshing!  How amazing!

That’s what our clients are looking for.  Someone who takes on the job, does it well and takes pride it.  No complaining about that not being part of what he signed up for, no negotiations for extras after taking the position, and certainly no help in accomplishing the work.   Are you that someone?

We recruit the people you want –

– David M. Ankenbrandt


April 2011

I remember the Easters from when I was a kid – the egg hunts, the family get-to-gathers and the great times. It’s a good time to recreate the fun of the past. With all the uncertainty in the world today, let’s go back in time to old school Easters – break out the Easter baskets, the hot cross buns, the marshmallow Peeps and enjoy the family.

March 2011

I worked and lived in Tokyo for years and it’s tough to watch the people suffer nightly on the news. What I do know about the Japanese – they will rebuild, they are resilient and they are strong. They have hope and persistence. I give them a year or two and they will be back, and back strong.


February 2011

Slow but Steady

The market is slow but steady – it’s easy as she goes. We have a course and we’re following it and we can see that the economy and the job market are getting better.

– Dave Ankenbrandt

March 2010
You Tube. Do I want to be on You Tube? No, not really. Heidi thinks it’s a good
idea and I’ve been told by a few others it’s a good idea. So, we are starting my
video blog very soon. I’m supposed to stay on recruiting topics, who knows if
that will happen? Maybe I’ll try to be a bit inspirational? Would you all like
that? Wish me luck – this is going to be very interesting!

We recruit the people our clients want.

– Dave

January 2010
We are excited about 2010! So far this year we have been working in a
variety of industries — engineering, architecture, manufacturing,
distribution, and a few VC’s.

One thing about us here at Ankenbrandt, we’ve always liked variety in
our searches; it keeps us on our toes and makes our work very interesting.
So, if you have a unique job to fill think of us — we can do it!
We recruit the people our clients want.
– Dave


December 2009

Baa Humbug! Here we are at the end of the year and we are working hard. This week we have picked up 3 new job orders! Good ones too. Check our IT and Accounting and finance pages.


November 2009

I had one of the best of the best candidates call. He knows of a company who is searching for a executive and he fits the job. The company is running the job on all the boards. Our candidate does not want to respond to the ad because of confidentiality and he has asked us to present him to the company directly.
Good candidates, no, outstanding candidates, the candidate that are going to make you money, will not respond to your ads. If you want a number you don’t need us but if you want a complete winner you will use us. The master, the wise one, the Ankenbrandt.

  • Super Dave


July 10, 2009

Sending out resumes and not getting any feedback? Looking for help getting your resume in the door?  Are you even sending the right resume for the job?
TAG Resumes can help.  We are pleased to offer a broad range of resume and career styling services.  Please email or visit  for more information.

March 5, 2009

A blog? What? I have a blog? Do I write my blog? Not always.  Sometimes Heidi captures my witty phone banter and posts it.  So, instead of Heidi putting quotes of mine on the blog she has started her own blog. You can find her at Http:// . Maybe I’ll start responding to her blog on my blog. Maybe we’ll start a very interesting blog war.  Hey – that might be fun!  It would be a lot more entertaining than listening to the fear mongering media! Did you get your check from Obama yet?
– David Ankenbrandt

December 22, 2008

Ank’s Angle 

Let’s enjoy this season. Ho, Ho, Ho – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Think that we all will be glad to move into the New Year – there is always a tomorrow – need to learn from yesterday and max out today. It’s always darkest before the New Dawn – we will get through the mess – take one day at a time and keep on trucking.  Never, ever give up.

– Dave Ankenbrandt


November 28, 2008

Ank’s Angle

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and here in the US, in spite of the market/economy, we have so much to be thankful for – got a roof over our head, great food to eat and surrounded by folks that love us. We need to be thankful for what we do have and not for what we don’t! It’s the small thanks that count, not the bigger picture that we have no control over. So this Thanksgiving, let’s all be Thankful. And positive for the future…..

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dave Ankenbrandt

September/October 2008

Ank’s Angle —

So where do we go from here? Out of all the people that I talk to, no one seems to know. I think what we must do is to go back to the basics – the blocking, tackling and the heavy lifting. What made you money in the past will make you money in the future. There are still guys out there that are doing well – now is not the time to pull the rug over your head but to charge ahead and get the job done! Let’s make the 4th quarter a great one!
– Dave Ankenbrandt


March/ April 2008
Ank’s Angle — 
Ever get tried of voting for the lesser of the evils? Boy I am. I hadbreakfast this morning with an old friend and we were talking about how in this great country of ours there is not one leader who can lead- who has the vision that can guide us out of the molasses. When you pick up the papers all you read about is the negative- last year one of our clients built and sold over 800 homes – profitable, good cash flow – never heard anything about it! I know that the harder I work, the luckier I get, but it would be nice if the leadership would do some work!
– David M. Ankenbrandt

December 2007
Ank’s Angle —

We just finished the thankful time of year and we do have a lot to be thankful for! Now we’re closing out another year withgreat deal of uncertainty- people tell me times are tough but tough people get going. There are still great opportunities available – you just need to figure out how to tap into them… This time of year is a great time to renew the network – talk to those folks that you haven’t for years and you can never tell what might develop.
Happy Holidays and let’s stay in touch,
-Dave Ankenbrandt

November 2007

Ank’s Angle-
I want to talk about history – which repeats itself! I have been in this business for over 35 years and I don’t know how many recessions/ depressions (a recession is when your friend is out of work; a depression is when you are!)I’ve seen but I knowif you stay the course the market does come back. Think that you need to be like the chameleon- change colors to fit the deal! Right now infill, commercial mixed-use, retail and for rent podium, mid and high rise is hot. Adapt!
-Dave Ankenbrandt


September 2007

Ank’s Angle-

I just got off the phone with a development type who thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread, he was full of it! When looking for a new job it’s never good to speak poorly of your current or previous employer – it doesn’t set the best tone. There are some basic rules that you should not violate: don’t lie about duties and responsibilities, don’t inflate your salary- tell your work history, your career story positively and always give credit where credit is due.

Dave Ankenbrandt

December 2006

Ank’s Angle —

Bah humbug!

Well, another year is coming to an end and what an interesting year it has been, especially in real estate.  We have had a great year in spite of what you might read or hear from the media.  The real estate market is still very strong and we have a lot of orders to prove it. What we are seeing out in the market is that big public builders are playing “Chicken Little”, running around saying the sky is falling and laying off their staff and selling projects.  We had one of our clients lay off their field staff in the summer and their sales staff sold a lot of product.  They did not have the staff to build what they sold.  When they tried to rehire the old staff, they would not go back to work for them. We had another client that had a big layoff and at the same time gave their corporate staff raises.  It doesn’t make sense!!  If you want to save money, don’t cut your field staff.  Those are the people that make you money.  If you want to save money, go to corporate or your regional offices and eliminate every other person there and you probably would not miss them.  Cut your overhead there, not at the field level. Thank you to all of those that helped us have a great year, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Years to you all.

David M. Ankenbrandt



Memorial Day Weekend 2006

Summer is almost here, the kids will be out of school, vacations need to be planned and we’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger. Recently, we did our own economic survey and found that most people think the Real Estate market will level out a little bit. Thing is, we’ve gotten busier than ever. All of this activity is happening just when Heidi is heading out of the office for a bit.

So, if you have any accounting finance jobs give me a ring and I’ll get you on the horn with Scott or Deanna. They are handling all Heidi’s clients while she’s out. In the meantime, it really is a great time to make a career move.

David M. Ankenbrandt


May 1, 2006

Ankenbrandt’s Economic Forecast

Well, it is that time of the year again; all of the local Universities, leadership groups and newspapers have officially released their economic forecasts of the upcoming business year. We’ve heard that unemployment is at an all time low and new jobs are being created here in Orange County at a rate that outpaces most of the nation. What do you think about their findings? What are you seeing out there? Do you agree that manufacturing will see a slow down. Will the housing market “burst” or will it “fizzle”?

This year I am going to do my own economic forecast. I am asking you, my loyal clients and candidates to tell me what you are seeing out there in your day to day adventures.

What markets are hot and which are cooling?

Are there any emerging markets out there?

We will compile the results of our informal study and post them on our website at a later date. I do not need anything fancy; just respond to this email with a few short blurbs as to what you are seeing.



December 2005

Merry Christmas – Ba humbug!

This yuletide is starting to interfere with my business. People are CELEBRATING this year! Our client’s destinations so far include Switzerland, British Columbia, Carmel, New York, Maui, and Tahiti. It would be nice if someone would stay around town so we could get some of our deals done. I know how the New Year is going to start – our clients calling with good stories about their trips but increasingly desperate for people to hire. So all of you who are around give me a call since I’m still here and I’ll GET to WORK.

Scrooge (AKA Dave Ankenbrandt)



November 2005

Ank’s Angle

Hey, Ankenbrandt here!

(An excerpt from Dave’s blog.)


Can you believe that we are nearing year end? Where did it all go?  It has been a busy year.  Business is good, health is good, family is good, and the office is totally new.  WHAT? The office is new?  You know me, Old Ankenbrandt is not one for change, but we went through a lot of it this year.  We have remodeled our offices, added all new furniture and work stations, and as you can see from this blog, a new website.  They tell me around here that change is good and so far it has been.  We have gone through our own “Extreme Makeover” and to be quite honest, I like it.  I invite you to come on by and take a look.  We look forward to seeing you then!


-David M. Ankenbrandt



August 2005

We had an absolutely fun time at PCBC. It was great to see all the folks we did but we’re sorry that we missed so many – just not enough time!

In talking with people, there seems to be no slow down in the real estate market but history has shown me there has to be an adjustment! This run up has been the longest that I can remember and I’ve been in the business for over 30 years.

-David M. Ankenbrandt

Feburary 2005

Usually we get off to a slow start in January but not this time around. We are busy because our client’s are doing great and they are calling us to find good people. That is always the challenge: finding and keeping good people. I think if you can make the work fun, that goes a long way to keeping the folks content. Let me know if you have come up with any new and innovative ways to keep the people going.

My big push for February– besides deals, deals, deals– is raising money for the YMCA and their terrific programs. I’ll be talking to you about them in the next few months when I call you to touch base.

– David M. Ankenbrandt

May 2004

We are busy. Thank you again to all our clients who keep us on our toes. The real estate market is strong and it is our focus these days as you can tell from our web site we are hard at work with our real estate clients please keep in mind we do have a strong history of tech and manufacturing placements. Heidi is always excited to receive searches in those industries and she’d welcome a little bit of industry diversity.

– David M. Ankenbrandt

December 2003

Thank you! Thank you to all our clients who have kept us incredible busy this past year. Business has been great and we appreciate all the work you’ve given us. We all look forward to continuing to assist you in developing and improving your team in 2004!

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and a Happy Kwanzaa!!

Best wishes in the New Year,

David M. Ankenbrandt

May 2003

What a crazy world we’re living – job market wise! We can get you an offer and then watch you get multiple offers. As long as interest rates stay down, we’re all going to be busy. A friend tells me you should only hire people with integrity, energy and intelligence. He also says if they don’t have integrity, the other qualities won’t matter. In today’s world we get to pick and chose the folks that we want to work with! And let me tell you I only want to work with the “good” ones!

– David M. Ankenbrandt

P.S. Remember Dad – It’s Father’s Day June 15th.

March 2003

In this world of change we are seeing downsizing, right sizing and just plain sizing. Yet in the midst of this transformation there is growth. And, its not just Real Estate but in all areas, IT included (The result is I’m missing my yoga classes and working longer hours). So call me and tell us how you’re growing and how we can help you fill your job openings!

– David M. Ankenbrandt

P.S. — Remember Mom – Mother’s Day is May 11th.

January 2003

Happy New Year!

This will be a challenging new year. We are excited to see the great possibilities for growth. We are always busy but never too busy to shoot the breeze, pass on some pearls of wisdom about your career or assist you in finding the perfect CFO or President.

We look forward to hearing from you!


October 2002

While the job market in So. CA. remains pretty good, the volume of resumes arriving at the office has increased. This is terrific for our clients but means serious competition for job seekers.

Competition is the key word. Many of the resumes we receive are products of “career counseling centers”. Unfortunately most look exactly alike and offer little to set you apart. I’m sure there are some very good counselors that give you your money’s worth but watch out for copy cat resume formats that make you look like everyone else!

An alternative is to call us here at TAG. We give you our best advice for free including suggestions for updating your resume. We may even make time to review your interviewing skills and coach you a bit. Call us or visit us at–

August 2002

Roosevelt said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” – and boy, that’s the truth. When you read the headlines and listen to the TV/radio all you hear is the “bad” stuff! I’m a great believer in the old US of A and know that if we get back to the basics and keep on “trucking” things will work out. There are tremendous opportunities out there and now is the time to take advantage of them. Check out our website and you’ll see some of them. – Dave

July 2002

It’s been a wild ride for all of us since 9/11. There have been lots and lots of changes in our world — but we haven’t changed. TAG still provides excellent, ethical service to our clients and candidates. We have a solid team of recruiters who have been with us for years and are eager to help you – we welcome challenging assignments. Call in and rattle my cage! Happy 4th of July,

– Dave

April 2002 – I’m Back!!!

Last year Heidi grew the business a little over 10%. 2002 we want to do better- 20%. In her year-end review of the financials she discovered one non-performing asset – guess who got a new job description?

So it’s back to work I go! I don’t play golf; I can only do yoga once a day and the house projects? What house projects? Frankly, I love recruiting. I believe that if you’re going to be good at what you do, you have to be passionate about it. My year off renewed my passion.

Now that I’m around all the time give me a call and let’s get caught up. – Dave

February 2002

Today we were sitting around at a company lunch swapping recruiting stories. I thought I’d share the funniest one. Years ago we were slugging it out, long hours, lots of phone calls; exhaustion was setting in while we were trying to make those placements. I walked into a recruiter’s office to find him with his eyes closed sitting up straight, headset on, sleeping while some poor soul was rambling endlessly on the other end of the line! The caller didn’t even notice! I woke the recruiter up, he was startled and said, “Ah ha.” a few times and then he got off the phone. It’s a funny story with a few lessons to it. Get enough sleep and it’s good to get straight to the point not “drone-on” to the point.

– SuperDave

December 2001

May the holiday season be merry and the New Year joyous, healthy, prosperous and happy.

David Ankenbrandt & Heidi Ankenbrandt McLeod

July 2001

After almost 30 plus years in the recruiting biz, I’ve gotten fired! Many years ago I hired my daughter as the company gofer. Heidi graduated from Chapman University at the height of the downturn, 1992. I told her, “Forget working for someone else – here’s a desk, a phone, get to it and close some deals!” She could work here at TAG until the job market got better.

Well, the kid never found that real job. Instead she got on the phones, made many placements. Then, to develop her skills she went out and got herself a mentor. These two put a strategic plan together, acted on the plan and now she is running the day to day operations of the company!

Let me tell you it is absolutely great- stepping away from the day-to-day action, looking at how we can better provide the service and just going out and meeting old friends. This period of time for me has been very refreshing – like putting a new tread on an old tire and getting another 40,000 miles out of it!

February 2001

Happy New Year and Happy Valentines Day!

Our best to you, your company and your family in 2001. May this year be one of good health, wealth and happiness.

October 2000

We’ve moved and are finally settled. The following folks helped us tremendously with our move and we recommend them.

RE Broker – Grubb Ellis, John Bucher, 949-608-2068

Moving – Mayflower American Moving & Storage, Craig Fulmer, 323-888-6135

Building cleaning – Pacific Building Care, John Mercer, 949-261-1234 x213

Printing – PrintMasters, Rikki Landoff 714-641-7343

Furniture – Diversified Office Systems – Mary Linda Freis 949-786-1358

Networking – Talon Industries – Erik Taylor 949-689-8917

Computer Equipment – Megabyte – Craig Garcia

Software – Chris Hunter 714-641-6557

— The TAG Team

July 2000

Time is so short so many hiring mangers are using the phone to screen candidates.

Our Advice…


Treat it like a “real” interview not just a quick chat.

Answer the phone yourself and politely.

At home put the dog outside tell the kids to be quiet.

At work – go to a private room where you can talk openly. If you can’t do this find another time to talk to the interviewer.

Have your resume and cover letter in front of you.

Be prepared to answer difficult questions – just like a “real” interview.

Make a case for your candidacy. Explain why you fit the job.

Ask when can you meet face to face.


Answer a question with, “It’s on my resume, are you reading my resume?” Just answer the question.

Be too casual. Watch your language – don’t cuss.

Use slang and please, minimize the acronyms.

Allow children, Great Aunt Maria from the old country or the baby sitter to answer the phone.

Talk on a cell or cordless phone. We can’t hear you with all the background noise or a bad connection!

February 1999

Warning …

Unemployment is very low, good people are difficult to find and the market is still hot! Candidates are getting counter offers and multiple offers. Waiting to interview or make a decision on a candidate can result in losing a quality employee.

To counteract this problem:

Interview candidates quickly – spend the time to get to know each candidate but get them in the door ASAP.

Do the background checks on everyone you’re interested in but do it in one or two days – if it takes a week get a new private investigator.

Make your offers quickly – don’t wait a week to get the paper work out or make your decision.

Remember in this market – act fast!

Christmas 1998

I don’t know about you – but I’d like to slow down the Christmas Holiday Season!

Historically the holiday season began just before the 24th and lasted for the 12 days after Christmas Day. Now it seems commercialism has gone so far that right after Halloween, we skip Thanksgiving and head straight into the Christmas Season. This year I plan on slowing down, taking a deep breath and enjoying this holiday into the New Year.

Happy Hanukah!
Joyous Noel!
Happy New Year!

November 1998

We’ve been promising the updated web site but we’ve been so busy that we are still in development! Look for the updated site after January 4th!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don’t eat too much turkey!

August 1998

OK, give ‘em an inch and they take a mile. I gave Heidi a mission, “Bring us into the year 2000.” So, what does she do? She recreated the entire look of the firm!

The Y2K change is just beginning! In about a week our web site will be updated with our new look. Please check it out and let us know what you think. We will also be starting some seminars for accounting and finance types. Our first one is with Jim Bone, County Assessor Candidate 1998! We’ll provide breakfast and a lot of hot coffee! Please call for more information. We hope to see you there.

May 1998


The recruiting business is pumping. Unemployment is at an all-time low. You’re going to have to put a “FIRE WALL” around even your newest employees because opportunities are continuously knocking on their doors. To replace them, you may find yourself paying 20–50% more in base salary. To lure the best candidates you need to do some, if not all, of the following:

Offer growth or a future in the company

Help employees take ownership in the company

Build trust in management and the company

Build pride in the company among your employees

Encourage co-workers to build strong relationships

Let employees know they are respected

Let employees know their ideas are appreciated

Show employees know their performance matters

January 1998

Happy New Year!

May we all prosper!

Over the years I’ve made many personal and professional resolutions… I’m going to devote more time to the family, take some more classes/seminars, get fit, healthy. At the beginning of the year it is easy to keep the resolutions but, as the year progresses I tend to forget them.

This New Year, 1998, I’m making the commitment to keeping my resolutions — for the entire year. I am resolved that in ‘98 I will work hard, pay absolute attention to my business and the most important resolution, to find a healthy balance between work and play.

I’ll keep you posted on my resolutions as the year progresses.

December 1997

Happy Holidays! We are quickly moving toward the New Year to a joyous season of celebration. Our best to you in the coming year. May it be one of good health, wealth, and happiness.

Take note of our updated newsletter name and check out the enclosed salary guide. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and a very Prosperous New Year.

July 1997

The last few months have been crazy busy and we didn’t have time to put our thoughts on paper! But – we have kept up with our Web site. So.. check us out in cyber space. You can find us at:

We have a great tool for our candidates, a complete listing of current jobs and we are designing a page for employers to view outstanding candidates profiles.

Check out our page and let me know what you’d like to see.

April 1997

We’re back! After a brief hiatus we’re back in business with our friendly news letter. The last few months have been so crazy we didn’t have time to put our thoughts on paper! But we have been keeping up with our new Web site.

So…. Check us out in cyber space. You can find us at OR http:/ We’ve got a great tool for all of our candidates, a complete listing of all of our current job openings and we are currently designing a page for employers to look at profiles of our outstanding candidates.

Speaking of outstanding candidates ……. We need a outstanding candidate for our San Jose office. We are doing very well in Northern California but traveling back and forth is wearing me out. I’m in need of a recruiter to man the office so I don’t have to travel so much.

December 1996

Last week we took our extended family to see A Christmas Carol at SCR. It was raining, and although we all had looked forward to seeing this holiday classic, some of us were grumbling. We were a bit concerned about one older member who had to come some distance in the rain. We should know better. Mrs. L arrived beaming and thrilled to be part of the celebration. At intermission the whole theater was caught up in the spirit of the holiday and our special family member made a point of thanking us for including her. In spite of her profound hearing loss she was enjoying every minute and wanted us to know!

May you too enjoy every minute. Have a wonderful holiday season.