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From the Bullpen

Adapting • No fudging • Ethics Anyone? • 15 Minutes of Fame!

A discussion in the lunchroom this week sparked everyone’s interest: adapting to our changing environment. TAG has enjoyed a successful year, and we remain busy, but with the newspapers shouting about the sky falling on the industry and recession being imminent, it makes you wonder.

The key is to adapt. The dictionary says adapting means to make fit by modifying – to adjust or reconcile.

We must all adjust to the slowing housing trend and reconcile that it is time to modify expectations. Successful companies have adapted without compromising their integrity. Positions will be harder to find and won’t pay the high salaries or perks of recent years.

Companies can tighten up on requirements with the industry cool down and expect stellar performance as a norm.

No fudging

I keep reading that resume fraud has become a big problem, and now several national surveys demonstrate that this is true. Growing up back in New Jersey, my Mom used to talk about “fudging” things that are changing and/or expanding on information. The consensus in her generation was everyone does it a little – and that was ok. Nowadays, it seems everyone does it a lot—and it is absolutely not ok.

I wonder if this isn’t a failure of the checks and balances that should be in place when you are reading a resume and anticipating a hire? HR and /or hiring authorities should be doing thorough background checks. They should also check references, previous jobs, and schools to ensure that the candidate did indeed achieve all he/she says. No “fudging” allowed!

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Ethics Anyone?

Many of you have visited TAG during the lunch hour and found us gathered around our kitchen table. Our “family” gatherings always produce lively conversations about important stuff like baseball, last night’s TV show, and weekend plans. Amazingly we also resolve business issues and brainstorm our way through recruiting challenges. Frequently the drift turns to ethical issues.

We hear terms like ethics implosion, moral vacuum, and lack of values regularly. One article stated that cheating in the 90s was so rampant it became the norm. In fact, some CEOs saw it as clever because the result was that the company met its numbers. Results become most important, and achieving them – whatever the method – is what is rewarded.

We have an ethical code and follow it. Producing the numbers for us means finding the people our client wants – will never be put before ethical business and personal practices. You have our promise and commitment.

I realized everyone suffers due to ignorance.

15 Minutes of Fame!

We all like to be recognized for good work. Recognizing good work and complimenting that success is a good way to ensure that will repeat it. The best yet is to compliment or recognize the achievement in front of others, fellow employees, and execs alike. Criticism may help to correct a mistake, but recognition of accomplishment will go further to having a success repeated.

So give your employees, spouse, kids, or friends their 15 minutes of fame and recognition. Tell them when you like their work and make sure you do it in front of everyone.

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Other Career Tips From the Bullpen

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Unbridgeable Gaps?

Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CAThe same conversation keeps on repeatedly happening with my clients – lack of talent to hire. They can’t find good, young, talented people who want to work hard and have the communication skills to work.  There is a gap in the market. It might be the entitlement that kids felt growing up wealthier before the recession/depression hit? Maybe they’re thinking they don’t need to work hard, or maybe these workers have a different spin on what work looks like?  They also have huge.

My advice to anyone young and looking for a job:

  1. You will work hard with long days and late nights before you earn those six-figure salaries.
  2. Probably start working in a job that is lower than you originally expected. Learn from it.
  3. Try to use complete sentences when communicating – the texting should stop when you put your cell phone down.
  4. Find a mentor at work to help you understand the corporate culture and how to succeed.

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