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How to Find a Fantastic Addition To Your Team • Quit Paying Thousands of Dollars for Bad Resumes! 

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How to Find a Fantastic Addition to your Team

Create an accurate and detailed job description. The number one difficult thing about a search is when the hiring manager has no idea what they want. If you don’t quite know what you need ask around, talk to your employees. They typically know exactly what you need and what you don’t need. Open up those lines of communication.

Think about the intangibles — the person’s personality. Develop an idea of who would work best on your team. If you have too many introverts who never speak up, maybe you find yourself an extrovert. Make sure you round out your team.

Use your network to find your ideal candidate. Yes, email all your friends and ask who they know. If that doesn’t work then call us. We’ll start using our network.
Conduct an in-depth interview. Make sure you get all your questions answered. Going off the cuff works when you interview all the time (like us), but if you don’t interview often make sure you cover the essentials. Over here we start out new recruiters with an interview cheat sheet. Bring your interview cheat sheet into the interview in case you forget what you need to ask.

Background checks tell all. Make sure you run one on the final candidate. We’ve had lots of skeletons come out of the closet with a detailed background check.

Sending out resumes and not getting any feedback?

Quit Paying Tthousands of Dollars for Bad Resumes!

We have had too many people coming to us with a bad resume they have paid thousands of dollars for. It is frustrating and infuriating to me to see good people taken. Most of these people are unemployed and I think are having their fears preyed on.

If you need resume tips go to for my blog. I have lots of resume writing tips on there. If you are totally stuck phone us, and we’ll help.

Don’t spend your mortgage, car payment or a month of groceries on a bad resume.

Looking for help getting your resume in the door? Are you even sending the right resume for the job? TAG Resumes can help. We are pleased to offer a broad range of resume and career styling services.

Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CA
Executive Recruiters -  The Ankenbrandt Group, Newport Beach, CA

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